Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fabric + Image--an idea whose time has come

Updated 8/30/11--completed the fabric portion. Now, I need to work on the image that is going to go over it. By the way, it probably took about 8 hours to get this silly thing done. At least.
Work in Progress
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
Actual fabric from doggie bandanna

Okay, so ever since I bought @IsaacYoder's Caticorn, I've been toying with the idea of painting a canvas with a fabric pattern, then putting a crazy, weird-ass image on top of the fabric. See, Isaac's painting is oh-so -awesomely painted on a sheet I'm pretty sure my parents had in the early 80s. Well, not the exact sheets--that would be gross. So, the other night during the Un-finished Business painting session, I finally started putting one of these ideas into action. Voila! The first layer of rainbows copied from a bandanna the groomer put on my dog last month. Stay tuned for all sorts of awesomeness to bedeck this image. I'm toying with the idea of a gas mask.Caticorn
by Isaac Yoder

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