Monday, December 19, 2011

Summer School: Geeks at OSU

This summer (2011), I took a week-long workshop at OSU, where I learned how to make basic video games. The conference was all about integrating technology into the classroom. I made some sketches. 

If you have looked at earlier posts from the same summer, you will see I was experimenting with quick-sketches, in which I don't really look the paper as I draw. Therefore, the figures come out very loose and distorted. I find the result is surprisingly good at catching the distinguishing features of the person. It rarely makes the person look very attractive, though. Only distinctive. 

The conference organizer, to whom I say, "Well done, you." 

When there is nothing left to draw, consider your foot.

The key-note address, about a pilot project in L.A. schools aimed at closing the achievement gap.

Chris--the life of the party, great at Karaoke, and a cool teacher too.

There's one at every conference. And she knows who she is.

My excellent instructor, Jason, about to be a dad. 

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