Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trip to Florida Part I

Mom and Jack

I just got back from a trip to Florida. The main purpose of my trip was to check in on my step-dad, who is receiving radiation treatment for cancer. But I also got a chance to see my mom Phoebe and her husband Jack. Here are a few sketches from the Christmas concert they were a part of. 

This was a singer from the visiting choir, very dapper in his tuxedo.

Three singers from Mom's church.

The flutist. Her dress was actually black, but I didn't think that would translate well.
This was the couple right in front of me.
This woman, in the front row, looked very sad for someone singing in a Christmas concert.
This was the guy sitting right behind me. His hair was actually more grayish/white than this.
I drew this one of mom the day before I left. She doesn't really have all those lines on her forehead--I just wasn't looking at the page as I drew the sketch. With all of these, I had to decide whether to make the skin yellow or white, having no better choice among my watercolor pens. The decision usually rested on whether I needed the yellow for some other reason in the picture.

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